fed me to the wolves

You had left me alone with hungry eyes and loose lips that asked my name and grabbed at my hips. All I could notice was that you were no longer there.

Stranded with boys who resembled wolves, begging to scrape skin and tear off my clothes. Claws for hands, knowing the damage they inflict with every grasp. I couldn’t tell minutes from hours for it seemed like days that had passed.

They bruised my hips as I tried to run. I didn’t know where the old me ended and where the new had begun. I felt strangers hands and tears form. I cried and yet you let me roam.

Begged you to stay but you ran away. I was no longer sweet, for you had found another girl that suited what you craved. You blamed me for the these claw marks.. and told me they were the reason why you hadn’t stayed.

You fed me to the wolves and I was still to blame. 


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