I don’t want you to go, but I won’t ask you to stay

I panicked
You talked about leaving
If you left, when would I see you
Would I see you
Or would you disappear like you always do

I tried to comfort you
That maybe staying there wasn’t so bad
But I knew it was
I eventually told you
If you’re unhappy here, leave

I’d rather watch you leave happy
than know you’re so afraid

Though my heart screamed
‘Please, don’t go’
‘I need you here’
‘You’re the only reason I’m here too’

But I know you better
You never listen to me
You hardly listen to yourself
I know you’ll be gone
And I’ll be by myself

And I know this is something
I’ve said many times before
Though you may be gone for now
My heart always welcomes you
Like an open door


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