text messages I never sent

why were you so cold today [delete]

how was I so fucking stupid to think this time would be any different [delete]

I hate that you seem so distant, but I’m used to this by now [delete]

you know I put up with it, that’s why you’re doing this to me.. you’ve explained it time and time again, you think I’d get it by now [delete]

you’re the girl all my poems are about [delete]

you already knew that [delete]

you said you’d always be there for me, yet ditched me on my birthday [delete]

why does this hurt so much [delete]

you said you were scared to get close, then why the fuck did you let me [delete]

why do you always build up hope just to rip it away [delete]

I want to message you but I’m tired of no replies and awkward silences [delete]

I hate you [delete]

I hate that I can’t hate you [delete]

I fucking love you [delete]


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